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Did you flee from Ukraine and are you registered with the municipality of Velsen? If you do not have enough money to live on, you can apply for a living allowance. Depending on where you are staying, you can receive a living allowance for food and beverages, housing allowance and/or for personal expenses such as clothing.

What items are covered by a living allowance?
The living allowance covers the following items and depends on your situation:

  • meals
  • clothing
  • other personal expenses
  • if you are staying at a private shelter address, for example with a host family? If so, you will be receiving a housing allowance so you can contribute to the housekeeping expenses.


Below are the amounts to which you are entitled. The amounts listed are per person per month.

If you are staying in a municipal shelter facility (hotel)

  • food and beverages: € 205. This only applies if food and beverages are not included at the municipal shelter facility where you are staying. If food and beverages are included, you are not entitled to them.
  • personal expenses: € 55.

If you are staying at a private shelter facility (such as a host family)

  • food and beverages: € 205
  • personal expenses: € 55
  • housing allowance for adults: € 215
  • housing allowance for children under 18: € 55 per person.



Application form Living Allowance

Download the application living allowance  form and forward the form with the requested copies: 
• Deliver it personally to the Municipality of Velsen, Dudokplein 1, 1971 EN IJmuiden.
• Send it by email to:

From when do you receive living allowance?

If we have received the application form in April, the living allowance will be paid retroactively from April 1st. If the form is received after April 30th, the date of receipt will be the first day on which entitlement to the living allowance arises.



In order to be eligible for a living allowance the following must be met:

  • You have come to the municipality of Haarlem as a refugee from Ukraine.
  • You are staying in a municipal shelter facility (hotel) or in a private shelter facility (such as a host family).
  • You are registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). 
  • You have an identity document.
  • You have a Dutch bank account. Find out more information under the heading 'Dutch bank account'.
  • You don’t have an income from work (yet).
  • You are submitting your application in English or Dutch (Latin alphabet).

At the moment it is only possible to deposit the living allowance into a regular Dutch bank account. If you have a Dutch bank account, the living allowance will be deposited into it.
If you do not have a Dutch bank account, you will receive a BNG card.

Basic Registration of Persons (BRP)

It is important that you are registered with the Basic Registration of Persons (Basis Registratie Personen, BRP) of the municipality. You will then receive a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN). This is needed to open an account and receive the living allowance.

Dutch bank account

Refugees from Ukraine who do not have an operational bank account can open one. More information: or

Changes in the place you are living

Are there changes in your residence address? Are you moving to another municipality for example? If so, you should report this to us. You can report changes about your place of residence by email to:

Income from work

Are you receiving income from work? If so, please report this to us. This will affect your living allowance. You can report changes in your income by email to:


Need help with completing the application for living allowance

If people want help filling out the form, this can be requested via

Contact met de gemeente

14 0255 of 0255 567200
Of kijk op de pagina Contact


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